Middle East, Angola


††††††††††† Statement by the President of the Security Council, Ambassador James B. Cunningham, Acting U.S.

††††† Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at the Stake-Out, May 22, 2001


††††† Ambassador Cunningham: We had discussion of two subjects today - the Middle East and Angola and I have

††††† brief statements on both subjects.


††††† The Secretary-General briefed the Council on the situation in the Middle East which is of deep concern to all

††††† members. Council members expressed their full support for the work of the Secretary-General and his special

††††† envoy in the region to halt the violence and resume dialogue.


††††† Council members also noted the positive contributions made by the Egyptians and the Jordanians in that regard.


††††† Council members welcomed the publication of the Mitchell Committee report and the positive reaction to the

††††† report from the parties. They also welcomed Secretary Powell's statement yesterday and its demonstration of

††††† U.S. engagement.


††††† Council members condemned the violence and called for an unconditional cessation of violence by both sides.

††††† Council members expressed support for the report and appealed to the parties to give serious consideration to

††††† the Committee's recommendations - and called on the parties immediately to begin the steps required to

††††† implement those recommendations, including on confidence-building measures.


††††† Council members expressed their support for all efforts to bring violence to an end, build confidence, and

†††† advance the prospects for peace.


††††† Now I want to do the statement also on Angola, and then Iíll take your questions.


††††† Council members received an in-depth briefing by Under-Secretary-General Gambari on his recent visit to

††††† Angola. Members expressed continued support for his efforts in the region.


††††† Council members welcomed the reaffirmation by the Government of Angola of its willingness to engage in

††††† dialogue with UNITA and urged the parties to engage in the search for a peaceful settlement. They also

††††† emphasized the importance of the Lusaka Protocol as the only agreed and viable framework for a settlement and

††††† expressed support for the work of civil and religious groups in promoting dialogue.


††††† Council members strongly condemned recent UNITA attacks, especially the May 5 attack on Caxito and another

††††† attack today. Council members urged UNITA to join the political process and called for an immediate release of

††††† children abducted from Caxito, as well as the immediate release of all children and civilians held by UNITA. They

††††† also expressed their intent to maintain sanctions.


††††† Council members are concerned at the declining humanitarian situation in Angola, and the plight of nearly four

††††† million internally displaced persons. Council members encouraged urgent steps aimed at providing secure and

††††† unimpeded access of humanitarian assistance to all IDPs and civilians in need, and especially children.


††††† Okay thatís it for the statements. Any questions?