Elements of Press Statement on DRC


      1. Members of the Council heard a new briefing by the Assistant Secretary-General of the DPKO, Mr

      Hedi Annabi, on the latest developments in the political situation in the Democratic Republic of the

      Congo (DRC).


      2. Members of the Council condemned the killing of President Laurent Kabila and conveyed their

      condolences to his family as well as the government and people of the DRC.


      3. Members of the Council emphasised that it was the responsibility of the people of the DRC to find

      a permanent solution to lead the country towards national reconciliation, stability and development.


      4. Members of the Council also recalled the importance they have attached to strict respect for the

      ceasefire in the DRC, in conformity with the Lusaka Accord and the relevant resolutions of the

      Security Council.


      5. Members of the Council also expressed their support for the appeal made by the

      Secretary-General to all the parties to work towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.


      6. Finally, members of the Council also emphasised that the international community stands ready to

      support the people of the DRC in their efforts to implement the Lusaka Accord, restore peace and

      preserve the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of the DRC.


      7. The members of the Council will keep the situation under review.