Middle East


            Statement by the President of the Security Council, Ambassador James B. Cunningham, Acting U.S.

      Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at the Stake-Out, May 17, 2001


      Ambassador Cunningham: In my capacity as Security Council President, let me say that the Council members

      met this morning to discuss the request by the members of the Arab Group for a Security Council meeting on the

      situation in the Middle East.   They expressed their great concern with the continuing levels of violence and desire

      to do what is possible to promote resumption of dialogue to stabilize the situation.


      They agreed on the need to reflect on how to assist that process and to consult on the timing of the meeting and

      they agreed then to consult further on the request by the Arab Group members in that light.  So we haven't made

      a decision.  It is part of our on-going discussion.


      [Ambassador Cunningham answered further questions in his national capacity. Those remarks are transcribed in

      USUN Press Release #67(01)]