Elements of Press Statement on Ethiopia-Eritrea


      1. Members of the Council heard a briefing by the Assistant Secretary-General of DPKO, Mr Hedi

      Annabi, on the political and humanitarian situation in Ethiopia and Eritrea, and the status of

      deployment of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE).


      2. Members of the Council expressed their full support for the efforts of the Secretary-General’s

      Special Representative Legwaila Joseph Legwaila to persuade both sides to reach early agreement on

      the redeployment and repositioning of forces, in order to establish the Temporary Security Zone.


      3. Members of the Council urged both parties to conclude status-of-forces agreements as soon as



      4. Members of the Council expressed concern over the issue of demining, which is crucial for the

      deployment of UNMEE, the safety of the population and the general rehabilitation of both countries.


      5. Members of the Council called upon both sides to cooperate with UNMEE in identifying suitable

      accommodation sites for UNMEE.


      6. Finally, Members of the Council also called for UNMEE’s deployment to proceed on schedule.