The Members of the Security Council considered the report of the Secretary-General on Ethiopia and Eritrea and heard a briefing by Mr. Legwaila, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in the region.


The Members of the Council made their comments on the report and on the briefing by the SG Special Representative.


They noted that despite some problems that have emerged recently, in particular regarding the establishment of the Temporary Security Zone, Ethiopia and Eritrea have generally continued to demonstrative their commitment to the implementation of the Agreement of Cessation of Hostilities of 18 June 2000 and the Agreement signed in Algiers on 12 December. There have been no cease-fire violations on the ground, notwithstanding several instances of frictions in what will be the Temporary Security Zone.


Members of the Council noted, in particular, the significant progress achieved by UNMEE in the implementation of its mandate and stressed the importance that the parties continue to maintain end enhance close cooperation with the Mission, working constructively within the Military Coordination Commission. They noted that the Mission has now a credible force in all three sectors.


They stressed that the parties make every effort to ensure that the difficulties that have surface recently are overcome do not become a major obstacle to the consolidation of the peace process. The Members of the Council supported the SG's recommendation to extend the UNMEE mandate for six months, until 15 September 2001.


Today we also agreed upon the text of the draft resolution to extend UNMEE mandate which will be put to vote on Thursday.