Statement by the President of the Security Council, Ambassador James B. Cunningham, Acting United

      States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at the Security Council Stake-Out, May 9, 2001


      Ambassador Cunningham: Good afternoon. We had a very interesting and long discussion with the Secretary

      General's Special Representative Hans Haekkerup on the progress in implementing Resolution 1244. We had a

      detailed discussion in that context of the Special Representative's account of his efforts to move forward the

      process of developing a legal framework and for moving forward to Kosovo wide elections. We also discussed

      various regulations that will enhance UNMIK'S and KFOR's ability to address problems of public security that

      the Council welcomed. There were varying views expressed on the process of moving towards elections.

      Members of the Council supported the Special Representative's efforts to implement 1244 and they decided to

      send a Council Mission to Kosovo June 15 - 18 to continue the close cooperation with the Secretary General's

      Special Representative and UNMIK.


      And that's our activity for the morning.