Elements of Press Statement on Sierra Leone


††††† 1. Council members heard a briefing by the Under Secretary-General of DPKO, Mr Jean-Mari

††††† Guehenno, on the political and military situation in Sierra Leone.


††††† 2. Council members were updated on the recent contacts between UNAMSIL and RUF on the

††††† implementation of the Abuja Agreement. In addition, Council members were informed of the steps

††††† taken by the UN to support efforts of ECOWAS in the region. Members were also updated on the DDR

††††† process.


††††† 3. Council members expressed concern over the continued attacks by RUF on the border with Guinea.


††††† 4. Members of the Council reaffirmed the view expressed in S/PRST/2000/41 of 21 December 2000

††††† and they reiterated the Councilís call on all states, particularly Liberia, to abide by the

††††† S/PRST/2000/41, and they also called for the early implementation of the Abuja Agreement.