Elements of Press Statement on The Refugee Situation on the Sierra

Leone/Guinea/Liberia Border


      1. Members of the Council warmly welcomed the new UN High Commissioner for Refugees.


      2. Council members heard a candid and comprehensive briefing on the grave situation of the refugees

      along the Sierra Leone/Guinea/Liberia border, and they agreed that this required a regional,

      coordinated response.


      3. Council members shared the deep concern expressed by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

      over the plight of refugees in this region and expressed their full support for his efforts to ameliorate

      the situation.


      4. Council members also expressed support for the efforts of ECOWAS and OAU to assist in the



      5. The Council noted with appreciation the efforts of the Government and people of Guinea in hosting

      the large number of refugees from the region and asked for their continued assistance to ensure the

      safety and security of the refugees and all UN personnel in view of reports regarding the growing

      resentment of the population.


      6. Finally, the Security Council expressed concern over the safety and security of UN personnel.