Press Statement on Sierra Leone


††††† After consultations held on 5 January 2001, the President of the Security Council, Kishore Mahbubani

††††† (Singapore), issued the following statement on behalf of its members in connection with the item

††††† relating to Sierra Leone:


††††† The members of the Security Council held informal consultations on 5 January in accordance with

††††† paragraph 15 of Section A of resolution 1306 (2000), under which the Council conducted its second

††††† review of the measures imposed by paragraph 1 of the resolution.


††††† Council members received a briefing from the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Sanctions Committee on

††††† the implementation of the measures. They welcomed the progress reported by the Chairman of the

††††† Sanctions Committee, and, in particular, the establishment of the official certification scheme by the

††††† Government of Sierra Leone as well as the measures taken by ECOWAS.


††††† Council members noted that all Member States have a binding obligation to implement and enforce

††††† the measures imposed by resolution 1306 (2000). They called called on Member States to act quickly

††††† to do so and underlined the importance of countries through whose territory illicit diamonds might

††††† pass, taking the necessary steps.


††††† Council members noted that the report of the Expert Panel, currently under consideration by the

††††† Sanctions Committee, had reported widespread violations of the diamond embargo on Sierra Leone.

††††† They expressed their intention to hold an open discussion of the reportsí findings and

††††† recommendations at an early date after its consideration by the Sanctions Committee and also

††††† expressed their intention to take follow-up action.


††††† Council members agreed to continue further such reviews every six months after the date of

††††† adoption of resolution 1306, and to consider at those times what further measures may be

††††† necessary.