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In its fifth Work Programme, the CTC expressed the intention to expand and deepen its contacts with international, regional and sub-regional organisations that had or intended to have counter-terrorism programmes on the matters covered by 1373.

Many international, regional and sub-regional organisations are already enhancing efforts to strengthen global capacity against terrorism through their own activities within their respective mandates. Their work complements the CTC's own efforts, although they cannot take the CTC's place in monitoring the implementation of 1373. Better coordination will enhance the complementary approach of organisations within the international system.

The CTC's dialogue with such organisations should be based on a two-way exchange of information. In its turn, the CTC will continue to monitor all areas of 1373 in accordance with the mandate set by the Security Council. When monitoring States' implementation of 1373, the CTC will be aware of best practice, codes and standards developed by organisations which are relevant to the implementation of 1373, and of any information made available by such organisations on States' adherence to these codes and standards.

The CTC has established contacts with many regional and sub-regional organisations, and has recommended that:

The CTC has also established contacts with international organisations. The CTC's informal message to them takes account of the responsibilities, mandate and experience of each organisation, and could be summed up as follows: The CTC should use all the tools at its disposal to deepen contacts with other organisations. It should promote discussion with and between such organisations, and the flow of information to facilitate the exchange of experience and best practice. The CTC should encourage the development of a coordinated approach within the international community to counter-terrorism matters.

Report on the activities of international, regional and sub-regional organisations
In order to improve the flow of information on the activities of all international and multilateral organisations in the area of counter-terrorism, the CTC will invite all relevant international, regional and sub-regional organisations to contribute to a report on their activities. The information will be compiled and published as a Security Council document.

Special Meeting with representatives of international, regional and sub-regional organisations
The CTC will also invite representatives of relevant organisations to attend a Special Meeting of the CTC. The Special Meeting will enable the CTC to explore: