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President of the Security Council


Symbol Date Subject
S/PRST/2011/9 2011-05-27 Death of Osama bin Laden

Previous years

Symbol Date Subject
S/PRST/2010/19 2010-09-27 Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorists acts
S/PRST/2010/4I 2010-02-24 Expresses concern about the number of victims of acts of terrorism
S/PRST/2009/31 2009-12-03 Attacks in Mogadishu, Somalia, killing civillians and Government Ministers
S/PRST/2009/28 2009-10-28 Attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing civillians and UN staff
S/PRST/2009/22 2009-07-17 Attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia, causing numerous deaths and injuries
S/PRST/2008/41 2008-10-30 Suicide attacks in Somalia targeting UN, Ethiopian Government and local government offices
S/PRST/2008/35 2008-09-22 Attack on Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan
S/PRST/2008/32 2008-08-21 Twin suicide attacks in Wah Cantt, Pakistan
S/PRST/2008/31 2008-08-19 Terrorist attack in Issers, Algeria, on gendarmerie training academy
S/PRST/2008/19 2008-06-02 Condemnation of attack outside Danish Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan
S/PRST/2007/50 2007-12-27 Suicide attack in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, causing death of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
S/PRST/2007/47 2007-12-12 Attack on Lebanese Armed Forces in Baabda, Lebanon
S/PRST/2007/45 2007-12-11 Terrorist attacks on United Nations offices in Algiers, Algeria
S/PRST/2007/39 2007-10-22 Condemnation of the the bomb attacks that occurred in Karachi, Pakistan
S/PRST/2007/36 2007-10-08 Condemnation of the attack in Baghdad against the Polish Ambassador to Iraq
S/PRST/2007/34 2007-09-20 Condemnation of the terrorist attack in Beirut which killed at least seven persons, including Member of
Parliament Antoine Ghanem
S/PRST/2007/32 2007-09-07 Condemnation of the terrorist attack in Batna, Algeria
S/PRST/2007/29 2007-08-03 Reaffirmation of full support for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and condemnation of all terrorist attacks against it
S/PRST/2007/26 2007-07-09 Condemnation of the terrorist attack in Marib, Yemen
S/PRST/2007/21 2007-06-25 Condemnation of the attack on troops of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)
S/PRST/2007/18 2007-06-13 Condemnation of the assassination of Member of Parliament Walid Eido in Lebanon
S/PRST/2007/11 2007-04-13 Condemnation of the attack on Iraq's Council of Representatives (
S/PRST/2007/10 2007-04-12 Condemnation of two suicide attacks in Algeria (
S/PRST/2006/56 2006-12-20 Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts
S/PRST/2005/64 2005-12-21 Comprehensive review of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED)
S/PRST/2005/61 2005-12-12 Condemnation of the assassination of Lebanese journalist Gebrane Tueni
S/PRST/2005/55 2005-11-10 Condemnation of the hotel bombings in Amman, Jordan
S/PRST/2005/53 2005-10-31 Condemnation of the bombings in New Delhi, India
S/PRST/2005/45 2005-10-04 Condemnation of the terrorist bombing in Bali, Indonesia
S/PRST/2005/37 2005-07-27 Condemnation of the assassination of Algerian diplomats in Iraq
S/PRST/2005/36 2005-07-27 Condemnation of the terrorist attacks in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
S/PRST/2005/34 2005-07-20 Reaffirmation of cooperation between Security Council bodies on terrorism
S/PRST/2005/29 2005-07-08 Condemnation of the assassination of Egyptian diplomat in Iraq
S/PRST/2005/22 2005-06-07 Condemnation of the terrorist bombing in Beirut that killed Lebanese journalist
S/PRST/2005/16 2005-04-25 Welcoming of joint briefing by Security Council committees on terrorism
S/PRST/2005/3 2005-01-18 Welcoming of briefing by the CTC Chairman
S/PRST/2004/37 2004-10-19 Invitation to the CTC to develop a set of best practices for implementation of resolution 1373 (2001)
S/PRST/2004/31 2004-09-01 Condemnation of the terrorist act in Beslan, Russia, and in Moscow
S/PRST/2004/26 2004-07-19 Acknowledgement and support for the work of the Counter-Terrorism Committee
S/PRST/2004/14 2004-05-10 Condemnation of the terrorist bomb attack in Grozny, Russia
S/PRST/2004/8 2004-03-30 Confirmation of continuing the arrangements for the bureau of the Counter-Terrorism Committee
S/PRST/2003/17 2003-10-16 Late submitters
S/PRST/2003/13 2003-08-20 Condemnation of the terrorist attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad
S/PRST/2003/3 2003-04-04 Confirmation of the new Chairman
S/PRST/2002/38 2002-12-17 Proposal of dialogue with international, regional and sub-regional organizations
S/PRST/2002/26 2002-10-08 Review of structure and activities
S/PRST/2002/25 2002-09-11 Anniversary of 11 Sep 2001 attacks against the United States
S/PRST/2002/10 2002-04-15 Review of structure and activities

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