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Symbol Date Subject
SC/9895 2010-03-29 Terrorists attacks in Moscow, Russian Federation


Symbol Date Subject
SC/9810 2009-12-09 Terrorists attacks in Baghdad, Iraq
SC/9778 2009-10-28 Terrorist attack on guesthouse, Kabul, Afghanistan
SC/9775 2009-10-25 Terrorists attacks in Baghdad, Iraq
SC/9770 2009-10-18 Terrorist attacks, Pishin, Iran
SC/9763 2009-10-08 Suicide attack outside Indian Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan
SC/9735 2009-08-25 Terrorist attacks in Kandahar, Afghanistan
SC/9709 2009-07-17 Twin terrorist attacks in Jakarta, indonesia


Symbol Date Subject
SC/9513 2008-11-27 Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, causing numerous deaths and injuries
SC/9463 2008-09-29 Terrorist attack in Tripoli, Lebanon, killing members of Lebanese Armed Forces
SC/9460 2008-09-27 Condemnation of attack in Syria
SC/9455 2008-09-24 Attacks in Spain
SC/9446 2008-09-17 Attack at entrance to US Embassy in Yemen
SC/9444 2008-09-11 Terrorist attack in Lebanon which killed member of Lebanese Democratic Party
SC/9422 2008-08-13 Terrorist attack in Tripoli, Lebanon
SC/9394 2008-07-10 Condemnation of terrorist attack on Turkish police protecting United States Consulate General in Istanbul
SC/9389 2008-07-08 Condemnation of suicide attack in Islamabad, Pakistan
SC/9386 2008-07-07 Suicide attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan
SC/9313 2008-04-28 Condemnation of attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, targeting official ceremony attended by President Hamid Karzai
SC/9251 2008-02-17 Suicide attack in province of Kandahar, Afghanistan
SC/9234 2008-01-30 Condemnation of terrorist attack in Beirut, Lebanon, killing officer of Lebanese Internal Security Forces and others
SC/9230 2008-01-18 Condemnation of terrorist attack in Beirut, Lebanon
SC/9226 2008-01-15 Condemnation of hotel bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan


Symbol Date Subject
SC/9166 2007-11-08 Condemnation of suicide attack against visiting parliamentary delegation in Baghlan, northern Afghanistan
SC/9162 2007-05-23 Condemnation of attack on military bus in Kabul, Afghanistan 5 Nov2007
SC/9024 2007-03-22 Terrorist bombing in Lebanon
SC/8974 2007-02-22 Attack on Prime Minister's office in Iraq
SC/8963 2007-02-20 Terrorist attacks in Iraq, including use of chlorine gas
SC/8961 2007-02-15 Bombing of Delhi-Lahore "Friendship Express" train
SC/8957 2007-02-13 Terrorist attack on bus in Iran


Symbol Date Subject
SC/8954 2006-09-11 Terrorist attack on two buses in Lebanon
SC/8825   Suicide bombings in Afghanistan
SC/8738 2006-06-05 Attack on employees of Russian Embassy in Iraq
SC/8720 2006-05-15 Attack on UNICEF vehicle in Afghanistan
SC/8647 2006-02-22 Bombing of holy shrine in Samarra, Iraq
SC/8611 2006-01-17 Terrorist attacks in Afghanistan


Symbol Date Subject
SC/8512 2005-09-28 Attempted assassination of Lebanese journalist May Chidiac
SC/8490 2005-09-02 Upcoming Security Council meeting on "Threats to International Peace and Security"
SC/8474 2005-08-16 Assassination of Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka
SC/8445 2005-07-12 Terrorist bombing in Beirut
SC/8439 2005-07-07 Terrorist attack in London
SC/8325 2005-02-28 Terrorist attack in Israel

2004 - 2001

Symbol Date Subject
SC/8215 2004-10-08 Recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Egypt and Iraq
SC/8177 2004-08-31 Terrorist attacks in Israel
SC/8170 2004-08-19 First anniversary of terrorist attack on UN headquarters in Iraq
SC/8017 2004-03-02 Terrorist attacks in Iraq
SC/7916 2003-11-12 Terrorist attacks against UN headquarters in Afghanistan
SC/7847 2003-08-19 Terrorist attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad
SC/7163 2001-10-04 Election of Chairman of Counter-Terrorism Committee
SC/7152 2001-09-21 Briefing by UN Legal Counsel
SC/7141 2001-09-11 Terrorist attacks in United States

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