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In this section of the website you will find documents relevant to the founding of the CTC, its mandate, role and ongoing plan of work. Kindly note that:

  • No new country reports are being added to the website.
  • Only General Assembly resolutions relevant to the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Security Council resolutions relevant to terrorist actions have been included here.
  • For all General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions, please see the Documents section on

Key publications on implementation of resolution 1373 (2001)

Global Implementation Survey
Global Survey on the Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001)
Technical Guide
Technical Guide to the Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001)

Reports on implementation of resolution 1624 (2005)

Symbol Date Description
S/2012/16 2012-01-09 Global survey of the implementation by Member States of SC resolution 1624 (2005)
S/2008/29 2008-01-21 Second report
S/2006/737 2006-09-15 First report

CTC and CTED Founding Documents

Symbol Date Description
S/2008/80 2008-02-08 Revised CTED Organizational Plan
S/2004/642 2004-08-12 CTED Organizational Plan
S/RES/1535 2004-03-26 Creation of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED)
S/2004/124 2004-02-19 Report on revitalization of CTC
S/2004/70 2004-01-26 Report by CTC Chair on problems encountered in implementation of resolution 1373 (2001)
S/2003/198 2003-02-19 Follow-up of the CTC to resolution 1456 (2003) of the Security Council
S/RES/1373 2001-09-28 Creation of Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC)

Working Methods

Date Description
2010-01-28 Revised Procedures of the CTC and its subcommittees for the “PIA stocktaking” exercise
2008-10-20 Decisions related to the Framework Document for CTC visits to Member States
2007-10-25 Sub-Committee procedures for the preliminary implementation assessments (PIA)
2006-10-17 Updated working methods of the Committee

Framework Document for CTC visits to Member States

2001-10-16 Guidelines for the conduct of work of the CTC

CTC Policy Papers

Date Description
2010-07-01 International Cooperation
2006-05-25 Human Rights
2005/2006 Communications | 2010 Strategy and Action Plan
2005-12-06 Technical Assistance | Implementation plan

Reviews of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED)

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