CTED and Denmark to expand their partnership against terrorism

As part of a European mission conducted on the heels of the adoption of Security Council resolution 2129, which extended CTED's mandate through 2017, Executive Director Jean-Paul Laborde visited Copenhagen on 31 January 2014.

Mr. Laborde met with the State Secretary for Foreign Policy, Ambassador Kim Jørgensen; the Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Chief Advisor Jørgen Gammelgaard; and the newly appointed head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, Mr. Jens Madsen.

CTED Chief of Section Ahmed Seif El-Dawla also joined the discussions, which focused in particular on enhancing cooperation in addressing emerging global threats and strengthening Member States' counter-terrorism capacities.

CTED encourages States to adopt a holistic and comprehensive approach to counter-terrorism that involves communities, civil society and other non-traditional stakeholders. National and regional counter-terrorism strategies should give equal weight to prevention and prosecution and should also address violent extremism.

"We need to place more emphasis on countering violent extremism, combating the ideology of terrorist violence, and involving communities in identifying solutions," said Mr. Laborde. "And we must answer the hateful narratives of terrorists, including on the Internet, with counter-narratives. The voices of terror should be drowned by the voices of peace."

Ambassador Jørgensen emphasized that "terrorism and violent extremism remain global threats which can only be countered effectively through multilateral cooperation guided by our respect for human rights and the rule of law."

"CTED plays a key role in this, and we are ready to expand our successful cooperation", he added.

Another topic of discussion was the series of regional workshops for judges, prosecutors, and police officers in South Asia on effectively countering terrorism. The series was facilitated by CTED and funded by Denmark.

The two parties agreed to continue working together to promote cooperation in the region.

The CTED delegation also visited the Danish Institute for International Studies, which conducts research on terrorism and violent extremism.

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