CTED, League of Arab States discuss areas of cooperation

CTED and the League of Arab States held a meeting in New York on 30 May 2014 to discuss ongoing and future cooperation.

The meeting, held at the ambassadorial level, provided an opportunity for CTED Executive Director Jean-Paul Laborde to reiterate the importance of cooperation between the Counter-Terrorism Committee and the League.

Mr. Laborde also briefed League representatives on recent joint activities, particularly the meeting organized jointly by CTED, the League and UNODC in Marrakesh in January 2014.

The Marrakesh meeting highlighted the importance of building effective central authorities to enhance international cooperation in terrorism-related cases, the main functions of such authorities, and the challenges encountered by participating States in that regard.

It also enabled participants to identify good practices and revealed that a number of League States faced similar challenges in cooperating with other States while ensuring compliance with international law, particularly international human rights law, humanitarian law and refugee law.

Another important outcome was League States' reaffirmation of their readiness to pursue the establishment of a regional judicial cooperation network under the umbrella of the League and in close cooperation with CTED and UNODC.

Mr. Laborde noted that regional and international cooperation, including in criminal matters, was one of many areas in which CTED could support the League's efforts to tackle the challenges posed by the movement of individuals travelling to conflict zones.

League representative expressed concern at this growing phenomenon, as well as at the potential consequences of counter-radicalization measures adopted in response.


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