Suriname: Importance of Inter-agency coordination re-emphasized in CT efforts

As key part of their visit, a CTED delegation headed by its Deputy Executive Director, Mr Weixiong Chen met with Suriname's Foreign Ministry Permanent Secretary together with the country's Counter-Terrorism Coordinator. The topics of their meeting ranged from inter-agency coordination in matters of counter-terrorism to CTED's facilitation of technical assistance when needed.

Weixiong Chen, CTED's Deputy Executive Director (left), with Suriname's Ellen Naarendorp and Mark U. Karg.

"CTED recognizes the important role played by the Suriname Bureau of National Security in handling terrorism issues at the policy and operational level, as well as the unique performance in such matters by Mr Mark Karg, the National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator," said Chen. "Information sharing and inter-agency coordination on strategy and operational plans among all relevant departments will pay off immediately," he added.

For her part, Ms Ellen Naarendorp, Permanent Secretary of Suriname Foreign Affairs Ministry, said that her country "is ready to work closely with the United Nations in its implementation of provisions of relevant Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism," Furthermore, she added, "Suriname is safe and calm, and it will continue to do more with the help and technical assistance from donors to enhance its capacity-building".

"Inter-agency coordination is by no means easy, but the importance of such undertaking makes the job worthwhile and meaningful," stressed Mr Karg.


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