CTED and Europol commit to enhanced cooperation

The Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) and the European Police Office (Europol) have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in combating global terrorism by promoting good practices and training aimed at enhancing the counter-terrorism capacities of Member States in need.

At a meeting held in New York on 18 April 2013, Mr. Weixiong Chen, CTED Deputy Executive Director, and Mr. Brian Donald, Head of the Office of the Director of Europol, affirmed the commitment of the two bodies to deepen their cooperation.

Effective border control and law enforcement were essential components of comprehensive and integrated counter-terrorism strategies, Mr. Chen said. Capacity-building in this area would include both the training of staff and the provision of necessary tools and equipment. The promotion of good practices should include consideration of rule-of-law issues and the adoption of regional and subregional approaches to address issues of similar nature and common concern.

Europol had vast experience in countering terrorism and transnational organized crime and looked forward to strengthening its cooperation with the Counter-Terrorism Committee and CTED, said Mr. Donald. Europol looked forward to working within the United Nations framework on capacity-building projects implemented outside the European context while continuing to focus on its core activities.

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