Non-profit sector: Countering risks of its abuse to finance terrorism

The fifth in a series of regional workshops aimed at preventing the abuse of the non-profit sector for terrorism financing purposes was held from 15 to 17 January in Doha. The workshop was organized by CTED and the Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation, on behalf of the CTITF Working Group on Tackling Financing of Terrorism. The Qatar Central Bank hosted the event.

Member States of the Golf Cooperation Council participated in the meeting, along with Egypt, Jordan and Yemen. Representatives from the non-profit sector and officials from regional and international organizations also took part in the workshop.

Participants discussed how best to counter the risk of terrorist abuse of the non-profit sector. They examined appropriate responses and challenges in regulating the charitable sector while strengthening its contributions and independence.

According to CTED Executive Director Mike Smith, the meeting helped generate consensus on appropriate responses to the risk of abuse, outreach to the non-profit sector, and a government approach that includes all relevant agencies. The workshop also identified a range of good practices from the region for regulating the non-profit sector and implementing international standards in this area.

The previous workshops were held in Bangkok, Auckland, Nairobi and Buenos Aires. The final expert meeting will take place at UN headquarters in New York in March 2013, when key findings and recommendations from the regional consultations will be presented.

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