The Government of Djibouti and CTED renew their commitment to work together in the fight against terrorism

CTED concluded on 27 September its five-day comprehensive visit to Djibouti, conducted on behalf of the Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee to monitor and promote the implementation of resolutions 1373 and 1624.

The delegation visited the Port of Djibouti, the city’s international airport, and the border post with Ethiopia, which facilitated a thorough discussion on maritime and cargo security, law enforcement, border management and staff training. Another topic raised with senior Government officials during the mission was the importance of respecting human rights while countering terrorism.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Mahmoud Ali Youssef, told the international experts that Djibouti faces a number of terrorism-related challenges linked to the presence of al-Shabaab in neighbouring Somalia and al-Qaida members in Yemen. Mr. Youssef also indicated that his country has been cooperating since 2001 with the Counter-Terrorism Committee and, in this sense, has submitted six national reports on the implementation of resolution 1373.

Mr. Weixiong Chen, Deputy Executive Director of CTED and head of delegation, welcomed Djibouti’s ongoing efforts to combat terrorism despite its limited resources. Mr. Chen reaffirmed the Committee’s and CTED’s role as facilitator of technical assistance. “We stand ready to work with Member States, including Djibouti, to develop a comprehensive and integrated counter-terrorism strategy and implementing mechanisms,” Mr. Chen said.

In addition to CTED experts, representatives of UN and partner organizations participated in the mission to Djibouti.

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