Committee hears of global coordination efforts from Russian security expert

Speaking on behalf of the Meeting of Heads of Special Services, Security Agencies, and Law-Enforcement Organizations, Mr. Aleksey F. Kuzyura of Russia’s Federal Security Service briefed the Counter-Terrorism Committee on the Meeting’s practical contribution to the global counter-terrorism effort over the past decade.

Since the first Meeting, participants had worked to help consolidate and coordinate security intelligence and law enforcement efforts around the globe, Mr. Kuzyura told the Committee on 2 February 2012. The Meeting also served to broaden interaction among national authorities and used existing mechanisms to that end.

The forum has developed into one of the most effective instruments for the implementation of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Security Council resolutions 1373 and 1624”, Mr. Kuzyura said.

One of the tools developed by the Meeting in compliance with resolution 1373 was the International Counter-Terrorism Database, currently being used by 24 competent authorities to, among other things, access information on individuals on watch lists and to investigate clandestine financial schemes.

Mr. Kuzyura said that the dialogue with the Committee, which had begun in 2005, had been “very important [to the Meeting’s] integration into the organizational architecture of international counterterrorism”.

However, Meeting participants considered that “the overall potential of international terrorism remained generally high despite a series of successful counter-terrorist operations”. Two key threats identified included the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes and campaigns attempting to radicalize the general public, particularly youth. The Meeting regularly discussed those issues with a view to finding the most efficient forms of cooperation.

Countering threats to peace and security was a group effort. The number of participants in the Meeting had tripled in 10 years, and the most recent Meeting, held in July 2011, had attracted 93 delegations from 63 States. The United Nations was also represented at the annual sessions.

Mr. Kuzyura invited the Chairman of the Committee to participate in the next Meeting, to be held later in 2012.

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