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Technical Assistance

The Counter-Terrorism Committee facilitates the provision of technical assistance to Member States by disseminating best practices; identifying existing technical, financial, regulatory and legislative assistance programmes; promoting synergies between the assistance programmes of international, regional and subregional organizations; and, through its Executive Directorate (CTED), serving as an intermediary for contacts between potential donors and recipients and maintaining an on-line directory of assistance providers, all within the framework of resolution 1373 (2001).

In accordance with the Committee’s guidelines and action plan and the revised organizational plan, CTED also analyzes Member States’ assistance needs in the context of their implementation of resolution 1373 (2001), helps the Committee prioritize States’ requests for assistance and recommends potential sources of assistance in the areas highlighted during the review process.

Meanwhile, the CTED working group on technical assistance has undertaken steps, as approved by the Committee, to identify visited States as being of priority importance in the facilitation of technical assistance and focus on their high-priority needs, as well as devise strategies together with present and potential donors. The working group has also made efforts to organize informal subregional meetings, generate a larger pool of donors and undertake wider outreach and increase the number of relevant performance benchmarks. A database has also been developed to strengthen and promote the exchange of targeted information internally as well as greater transparency between CTED staff and donor focal points in the tracking of technical assistance needs, assessment and process timelines.

The Committee itself is not an assistance provider.

List of Donors Working with CTED to Provide Technical Assistance

The Committee provides an indicative list of Member States, regional and international organizations that have worked recently with CTED to provide technical assistance to Member States. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list, since not all donors choose to make this information available.

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