CTED Executive Director Biographical Note

Jean-Paul Laborde

Jean-Paul Laborde of France was appointed Executive Director of CTED and Assistant Secretary-General in June 2013 as the successor to Mike Smith of Australia.

Mr. Laborde served for 22 years in the French criminal justice system and Government as Judge, Assistant Prosecutor-General, Chief Prosecutor, and Head of the National Service for the Inspection of Penitentiary Services.

From December 2010 until his appointment at CTED, Mr. Laborde served as a judge in the Criminal Chamber of France's Supreme Judicial Court (Cour de Cassation). Mr. Laborde had previously served with the United Nations for 18 years, holding senior positions in counter-terrorism and criminal justice with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Vienna (1993-2008), the Department of Political Affairs, and the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (2009-2010).

Author of a scholarly book and numerous articles, Mr. Laborde has written extensively on issues such as international criminal law, terrorism and the United Nations. He has also lectured at universities in France and the United States.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Bordeaux (1969), a Master's degree in Private Law from the University of Toulouse (1971) and a Master's degree in Political Affairs from the Centre for Advanced Studies on Africa and Asia in Paris.

Mr. Laborde is a native French speaker and is also fluent in English and Spanish.

Mr. Laborde is married with three children.

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