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United Nations Security Council

Resolution 2231 (2015)

Other Required Actions

Annex B of resolution 2231 (2015) also requires all States to take the following actions:

Pursuant to paragraph 6 (f) of Annex B of resolution 2231, all States are to take the required actions, in accordance with the resolution and guidance provided by the Security Council, with respect to items the supply, sale, transfer, or export of which is being undertaken contrary to the provisions contained in the JCPOA or this statement, and cooperate in such efforts.

Further, paragraph 7 of Annex B of resolution 2231 (2015) calls upon all States to facilitate full implementation of the JCPOA by:

Moreover, paragraph 26 of resolution 2231 (2015) urges all States, relevant United Nations bodies and other interested parties, to cooperate fully with the Security Council in its exercise of the tasks related to this resolution, in particular by supplying any information at their disposal on the implementation of the measures in this resolution.