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1540 Committee | United Nations

Expert Group

Current Experts

Name Country
Lv, Xiaodong China
Prenat, Raphaël France
Raca, Sandra Germany
Ochoa, Enrique Mexico
Abidi, Zawar Haider Pakistan
Lutay, Gennady Russian Federation
Lombard, Bennie South Africa
Taylor, Terence (Expert Group Coordinator) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Rosenthal, Michael United States of America

Former Experts

Name Country
Cerini, Ana Maria Argentina
Heineken, Gunterio German Argentina
Howlett, Brad Australia
Monteleone-Neto, Roque Brazil
Andemicael, Berhanykun Eritrea
Kasprzyk, Nicolas France
Palanque, Patrice France
Beck, Volker Germany
Kiessler, Kai Germany
Siddhartha, Venkatasubbiah India
Muhi, Senan Iraq
Interlandi, Isabella Italy
Suseanu, Ionut Romania
Litavrin, Petr Russian Federation
Slipchenko, Victor Russian Federation
Bosch, Olivia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Cupitt, Richard United States of America
Perkins, Dana United States of America

Letters of the Secretary-General to the President of the Security Council on the appointment of 1540 Committee experts

Date Document symbol
29 January 2015 S/2015/72
28 May 2014 S/2014/376
26 July 2012 S/2012/585
29 December 2008 S/2008/820
11 May 2007 S/2007/272
15 February 2007 S/2007/95
6 May 2005 S/2005/299
21 December 2004 S/2004/985