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Direct Assistance

Type(s)of Assistance:
Central and Southeastern Europe
Export Controls, Border Controls

Romania is willing to contribute its share in providing assistance, as appropriate, in response to requests from states lacking the legal and regulatory infrastructure and implementation experience for fulfilling the provisions of resolution 1540 (2004).

Technical assistance on export control legislation and “good practices” has been provided by Romania for countries within our region.

In May 2004, Romania launched the “Border Defense Initiative”, a regional cooperation project for combating proliferation of CBRN materials. Neighboring countries have been invited to participate to this initiative.


Assistance through International Organizations

Romania and the United States of America are working with the OPCW to assist National Authorities of CWC States parties to improve implementation of the CWC provisions by developing “Implementation Assistance Program – IAP” dedicated software. In cooperation with the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW, Romania has offered technical assistance for the implementation of the CWC by the Republic of Moldova.

With support from the OPCW and the US, Romania organized in 2004 a sub-regional seminar on the promotion of CWC universality and national implementation. In kind assistance was also made available under the technical assistance programs coordinated by OPCW.

Romania supports the IAEA Plan of Action for the Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism and is a donor to the Nuclear Security Fund. For 2004 Romania pledged a contribution of USD 25,000 to the Fund.

In 2003 Romania organized with the IAEA the regional pilot course “Procedures of response in case of nuclear terrorism and incidents involving illicit trafficking of radioactive materials”. In 2004 Romania and the IAEA organized a regional course on “procedures of intervention in case of nuclear threat”.

Points of Contact

Mr. Dan Neculaescu
Non-proliferation, Arms Control and Counter-terrorism Office Ministry of Foreign Affairs
14 Modrogan Street, Sector 1
Bucharest, Romania
Tel: +40 21 319.68.57
Fax: +40 21 319.23.63