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Direct Assistance

Type(s)of Assistance:
Export Controls, Non-proliferation

Norway is prepared to provide technical and other assistance to support States that lack the legal and regulatory infrastructure, implementation experience and/or the necessary resources to fulfill their obligations under this resolution.

Norway is prepared on request to provide assistance and share its experience of implementing relevant provisions of SCR 1540, for example with respect to national legislation and regulatory infrastructure.

Norway has for several years been carrying out an active outreach programme under various disarmament, non-proliferation and export control instruments, including visits and assistance to a number of countries. These visits have allowed us to address issues connected with effective implementation of non-proliferation and export controls.


Assistance through International Organizations

The G8 Global Partnership against Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction is a key international non-proliferation instrument. Norway was the first non-G8 country to contribute to the Partnership. Through the Government's Plan of Action for Nuclear Safety Issues, EUR 100 million has been allocated over a ten-year period to the G8 Global Partnership, to increase nuclear safety and reduce proliferation risks. The main focus is on Northwestern Russia.

Norway has contributed USD 90 000 to the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund. Norway has made significant contributions in support of implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, including USD 2.5 million for destruction of chemical weapons in the Russian Federation. In addition Norway contributed approximately USD 0.2 million towards implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention in the Baltic states in 2002-2003. Norway has also provided EUR 0.5 million under the Norway Project (2003-2005) to assist Central Asian countries in implementing Article X of the Chemical Weapons Convention. The project is being carried out in co-operation with the OPCW. Financial support has also been provided for OPCW-sponsored workshops (for example in Latin America) for national implementation of the convention.

Norway has entered into a dialogue with the OPCW with a view to identifying further projects for possible joint implementation. These projects are expected to focus on implementation of Article X (Assistance and Protection) and on implementation of the CWC plans of action for universalisation and national implementation (Article VII). Norway has provided financial assistance for workshops, seminars and networking to promote implementation of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in Africa and the states of the former Soviet Union.

Norway actively supports the work of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as a state party and as a current member of the Executive Council, through technical assistance provided in collaboration with the OPCW (ref. OP 7) and through national implementation of the Convention.

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