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Direct Assistance

Type(s)of Assistance:
Expertise, Financial

Italy is ready to consider providing assistance, as appropriate, to states lacking legal expertise and/ or technical and financial resources to fulfill the provisions set forth by Resolution 1540.


Assistance through International Organizations

Italy supports co-operative threat reduction programs with other countries, such as the G-8 Global Partnership initiative, aimed at promoting WMDs destruction as well as control and security of sensitive materials, related facilities and expertise. These programs are additional tools to deal with disarmament and non-proliferation issues as well as to strengthen the fight against terrorist seeking to acquire WMDs.

Italy has already committed 7.7 million Euro to the Russian Federation to build infrastructures required for a CW destruction facility in the area of Schuch’ye, and is about to provide additional 5 million Euro in 2004-2005 for the same purposes. In the framework of the G8 Global Partnership, Italy committed 1 Billion Euro over 10 years to implement projects aimed at elimination of WMD and related materials. In November, 2003 Italy and the Russian Federation signed two agreements respectively aimed at building a CW destruction facility in Pochep, Briansk Region, and at dismantling Russian decommissioned nuclear submarines.

In the year 2004 Italy has been providing support to the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund with 116,500 USD, for programs aimed at security of nuclear and radioactive sources in the former Soviet Union. In the same year Italy provided also 105,000 USD for technical co-operation. Additional 21,000 USD have been provided in 2003 and 2004 to fund the CEG (Contact Expert Group).

Italy has already provided advice on the implementation of the CWC to other State Parties, either bilaterally or in conjunction with the OPCW Technical Secretariat.

Points of Contact

Ms. Laura Aghilarre
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 3691 4176
Fax: +39 06 3235 927