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Direct Assistance

Type(s)of Assistance:
Expertise, Financial
Legal, Implementation
WMD Disarmament, Export Controls, Chemical, Physical Protection

The German government attaches great importance to assisting partner countries where necessary and requested in fulfilling their international obligations in the field of dismantlement, export control and non-proliferation of WMD.

The Federal Government supports bilaterally through its implementing agencies (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), Customs Authority) the establishment and further development of national export control system in several European and non-European states. This support shall be maintained and partly expanded.

Furthermore, Germany has extended assistance in the field of national implementation of the CWC obligations to several countries.

Finally, on the occasion of the meeting of state parties to the BTWC Germany also offered to several countries to assist in implementing prohibition and export control obligations pursuant to BTWC.

In addition, Germany has been advising and supporting nations in designing and improving their national systems for physical protection on a bilateral basis, through direct technical assistance, expert services and training courses conducted in the Russian Federation and the Ukraine. This support will continue as far as the financial resources will allow.


Assistance through International Organizations

Germany has pledged up to 1.5 billion US dollars up to 2012 for projects within the Global Partnership against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction launched at the G-8 Summit 2002 in Kananaskis. Currently Germany is supporting three projects in the Russian Federation:

  • The construction of a CW destruction facility at Kambarka (appr. 300 million euro up to 2008). The project Kambarka is the 'successor' of the only working Russian CW-destruction facility at Gorny, which has been erected with German help und is still receiving German support.
  • The construction of a long-term intermediate storage facility for 300 reactor compartments of decommisioned Russian submarines at Saida-Bay including the dismantling of the decommissioned submarines there (appr. 300 million euro up to 2008)
  • The modernization of the physical protection of almost 20 nuclear installations and storage sites (including for nuclear weapons destined for disarmament, appr. 170 million euro up to 2009)

As a member of the "Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership" Germany supports its nuclear window with 10 million euro up to 2007.

Germany has been actively supporting the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund, which helps to implement programmes to improve the physical protection of nuclear materials and radioactive sources, through in-kind contributions (experts in physical protection) plus financial contributions of 1.2 million euro since 2002.

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