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Czech Republic

Direct Assistance

Type(s)of Assistance:
Legal, Implementation

The Czech Republic is prepared to provide assistance as appropriate in response to specific requests to the States lacking the legal and regulatory infrastructure and implementation experience for fulfilling the provisions of Security Council resolution 1540 (2004).


Assistance through International Organizations

In 2004 the Czech Republic also joined the G8 Global Partnership against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction and takes part in the projects in accordance with its national interests and financial capacity. In 2003 the Czech Republic for the first time paid a donor’s contribution for chemical weapons destruction in the Russian Federation and intends to provide the same contribution in 2004.

The Czech Republic is also a donor to the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund, convinced that nuclear safety and security is a problem deserving special support and many-sided approach, with regard to the potential devastating impacts and global nature of nuclear terrorism.

Working beyond what is required for compliance with the CWC, the Czech Republic has taken part in various OPCW bodies and expert groups, organized training courses on protection against chemical weapons and regional meetings of authorities responsible for the implementation of the CWC. The Czech Republic has also joined the group of donor countries actively contributing to the destruction of chemical weapons. Since the creation of the OPCW, the Czech Republic has been helping to increase the capacities of the OPCW Technical Secretariat and member states in the field of assistance and protection against chemical weapons and in developing regional cooperation between national authorities responsible for the implementation of the CWC.

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