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Assistance through International Organizations

China supports and actively participates in the technical-cooperation activities of the IAEA, and makes full and timely contributions to the technology cooperation fund each year in accordance with its apportioned share. On the basis of the principle of positive participation and open exchange, and at the same time as it receives IAEA assistance, China provides human, material and financial support for the Agency’s technical-cooperation activities. By the end of 2003, it had contributed approximately US$ 13 million in technical-cooperation funds (including contributions made under the Regional Co-operation Agreement as well as extra-budgetary contributions).

China and the OPCW jointly organized, in China, two workshops for inspectors and two regional seminars on the implementation of the CWC. In September 2004, China and the OPCW jointly held, in Beijing, the Second Regional Meeting of National Authorities of States Parties in Asia.

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