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Direct Assistance

Type(s)of Assistance:
Expertise, Training and Financial
Legal, Implementation
Asia - Pacific

Australia is willing to provide assistance as appropriate to the states in our immediate region which lack the legal and regulatory infrastructure, implementation experience and/or resources needed to fulfill the provisions of UNSCR 1540.

Australia has worked solidly to strengthen domestic and international non-proliferation measures. Australia has been providing assistance to states in the Asia-Pacific region on WMD control and non-proliferation regimes since 1986 via the provision of structured training courses and ad-hoc informal training. Much of this assistance directly relates to the obligations contained in UNSCR 1540. Australia has also provided model legislation on the implementation of obligations under each treaty or convention, safeguards training and, specifically, implementation of the IAEA additional protocol.

Since the adoption of UNSCR 1540, Australia has stepped-up its efforts to strengthen measures in the Asia-Pacific region to prevent WMD proliferation, including by sharing with regional countries our experience in combating WMD proliferation and offering assistance and training to help countries improve their implementation and enforcement of export controls on WMD-related materials. Australia reports on its outreach activities to the export control regimes for the purposes of coordinating and adding value to parallel activities by other regime participants.

Australia promotes dialogue and cooperation on non-proliferation by participating in, presenting at, sponsoring and hosting international meetings associated with exchanging views and cooperating on the implementation of the NPT (safeguards), CWC and BWC such as the CWC National Authorities meetings and the BWC Experts meetings.

The Australian Government, in conjunction with the Government of Indonesia, is planning to conduct a BWC-related workshop for regional countries in Melbourne in February 2005. The BWC workshop will complement the Geneva-based BWC program of work through assisting countries in the region to enact effective BWC legislation. Australia will be inviting regional States Parties to assist them in better understand and implement BWC obligations

Over recent months, Australia has stepped up its counter-proliferation outreach activities. These activities focus on providing information, training and assistance on export controls to key supplier and transshipping countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Australia will be hosting the Sydney Regional Meeting on Nuclear Safeguards and Security from 8 to 9 November 2004, and will also provide assistance to the IAEA Additional Protocol Seminar for Pacific Island States from 10 to 11 November 2004.

Australia is conducting an ongoing program of Direct Assistance to regional states to promote adoption of the Additional Protocol to the IAEA Safeguards Agreement and providing assistance in meeting related obligations (including obligations relating to export control and reporting) as part of its outreach program.

Australia together with New Zealand is keen to assist Pacific Island states with the preparation of their reports under UNSCR 1540. We have already circulated a short guide to Pacific Island states, and offered assistance in the preparation of reports.

Assistance through International Organizations

Australia has also made financial contributions to international counter-proliferation initiatives, including, G8 Global Partnership against the Spread of WMD. Australia’s contribution has been directed to the Japanese-Russian program for the dismantling and destruction of nuclear submarines decommissioned from the Russian Federation’s Pacific Fleet. Australia was an early contributor to the Nuclear Security Fund (NSF) and Australia’s pledge to the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Fund is paid in full each year. Australia also contributes significant extra-budgetary funding to the IAEA’s Regional Cooperative Agreement for the Asia-Pacific (RCA).

Australia also contributes significant extra-budgetary funding to the IAEA’s Regional Cooperative Agreement for the Asia-Pacific (RCA). We are contributing $A1.42 million over four years to improve regional radiological safety including the capacity to respond to radiological emergencies.

Australia has worked to promote full international implementation of the CWC. In relation to the Asia-Pacific region, Australia has been involved in encouraging ratification/accession, provided advice on draft legislation, facilitated country attendance at relevant meetings, and provided training and information tools associated with CWC implementation. Australia has also made formal offers of assistance as part of the OPCW Action Plans associated with CWC Universality and Implementation.

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