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Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse


As a Focal Point on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, your responsibility is to ensure that PSEA systems are in place and that the activities mentioned in the Terms of Reference for PSEA Focal Points are implemented. While the ToR includes numerous responsibilities, below is a Get Started Checklist and key documents to assist you in carrying out your responsibilities as a PSEA Focal Point.

Get started checklist

  • Familiarize yourself with key documents and resources (to your right)
  • Speak with your head of office / country representative to ensure joint understanding of your focal point role and agree on a workplan
  • Work to establish (if not already in place and together with other PSEA focal points) an in-country network
  • Identity yourself as a PSEA Focal Point throughout your office/organization
  • Begin to implement the PSEA Focal Point ToR, such as:
    • Provide awareness-raising sessions for personnel
    • See to designation and training of field Focal Points in your organization
    • Support development of internal procedures for staff to report incidents
    • Establish, in coordination with the in-country network, community-based complaints mechanisms [this should link to the guide once available]
    • Facilitate, in coordination with the in-country network, awareness raising in local communities on SEA, their rights and how to report incidents

Be vigilant- be accessible – be proactive!