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Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Addressing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

In a global meeting of PSEA experts held in spring 2008 in New York, it was agreed that the work to address sexual exploitation and abuse would be organised under:

Pillar I: Engagement with local populations

Most of the work in protection from sexual exploitation and abuse is done on the ground at the country level. Engaging local populations and having support locally is a crucial element in succeeding in this work. This involves, for instance, raising awareness in local communities, implementing effective complaints mechanisms and encouraging local populations to report incidents.

Pillar II: Prevention

Prevention is a crucial element in protection from sexual exploitation and abuse. This entails activities including:

PSEA experts also work to establish partnerships among government, civil society and the media in order to identify important allies in tackling the problem.

Pillar III: Response

Response systems need to be in place to properly handle allegations of SEA that are brought to the attention of personnel of the UN, NGOs and other international organizations. Such systems include for instance:

Pillar IV: Management and coordination