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Visions of Rwanda Photo Project

Pascal Nizeyimana

Photo by Linda Smith

Pascal Nizeyimana is an information technology student at Adventist University of Central Africa, in Kigali. His images capture daily life in Rwanda through the eyes of a young, educated Rwandan.

Pascal Nizeyimana
A photograph of Pascal’s university, the Adventist University of Central Africa.
A photograph of a disabled man in Kigali. There are many people with disabilities in Rwanda and often practical assistance such as wheelchairs or artificial limbs is financially out of reach.
A photograph of Amahoro Stadium where thousands took refuge during the genocide. Romeo Dallaire, commander of the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda, described the stadium in the documentary Shake Hands with the Devil: When the war started the place filled up and at one point we were up to 12,000 in here. Twelve thousand people trying to live in here. All you see is people and clothes and so the place looks absolutely, totally out of control. It became... something like a concentration camp...
Pascal photographed his friend’s wedding. Here, the groom and his bride cut their wedding cake.
An older woman attending the wedding of Pascal’s friend.
The groom embracing his friend.
The women in the wedding party dress in traditional attire. The traditional wedding ceremony usually takes place at the bride’s house and the formal service is usually held the next day in a church.
Pascal photographs his friend’s wedding.
The groom holds the wedding ring that he will give to his bride on their wedding day.
A fellow classmate and friend from Pascal’s university.
Children play outside.
Pascal photgraphs his niece.
A photograph of a little boy that lives next door to Pascal.
A few children enjoy a moment of fun together.
A photograph of Amahoro Stadium, the national stadium in Kigali. There are many large events held here such as concerts and football matches.
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