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Visions of Rwanda Photo Project

Gisimba Damas Mutzintare

Photo by Linda Smith

Gisimba Damas Mutezintare is a national hero in Rwanda for his courage in the 1994 genocide. He runs an orphanage in Kigali in which he managed to hide more than four hundred people during the genocide. In 2006, the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, gave him an award recognizing his courage. After the genocide, Gisimba had over a thousand children living in his orphanage. 

Gisimba Damas Mutzintare
All the children at Gisimba’s orphanage.
Gisimba with his staff at the orphanage.
Children at Gisimba’s orphanage plant some trees.
Gisimba’s youngest son smiling. Gisimba’s four children are very precious to him.
Gisimba’s eldest daughter.
Gisimba’s wife holds their little daughter.
Two boys sit on the broken wall surrounding the orphanage.
Children at the orphanage having fun.
Several of the children in the orphanage pose for a photograph.
The playground in the orphanage.
A photograph of the orphanage’s soccer field.
Gisimba’s dog.
A photograph of Gisimba’s friend.
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