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Visions of Rwanda Photo Project

Annociata Nyirahategekimana

Photo by Linda Smith

Annociata Nyirahategekimana is a survivor of the Rwanda genocide.  Sadly, her father was killed. Jean-Marie (another participant in the Visions of Rwanda project) destroyed her father’s store during the genocide. He served thirteen years in prison and was recently released. He paid Annociata back for the store and he and Annociata are now neighbors.

Annociata Nyirahategekimana
A few women enjoy an afternoon together in an event put on by the Sevota Association, which counsels widows and orphans from the genocide. Annociata has been receiving counseling from Sevota since the genocide.
A genocide memorial site.
A mother feeds her son. She was brutally attacked in the 1994 genocide and her mouth was slashed with a machete.
Godelieve sits beside the children she counsels from the Sevota Association. Godelieve has been counseling Annociata since the 1994 genocide and their relationship is very important to her.
A man waits outside the gacaca courts to hear if his son is found guilty for participating in the 1994 genocide. Many people wait for hours to hear from the courts whether a friend or family member will be sent to prison for crimes committed during the genocide.
A little boy walks with a brace on his leg.
This young girl lost her right eye when she was brutally attacked in the 1994 genocide.
Annociata photographs Jean-Marie during the training sessions in Kigali for the Visions of Rwanda project.
Children on a bridge. Annociata’s father was thrown over a bridge during the genocide.
A waterfall.
A mother lies on the grass with her child after waiting hours for the results from the gacaca* courts in her community.
A woman waits the entire day to hear the gacaca’s ruling on her husband’s participation in the 1994 genocide. Her husband is accused of killing her sibling during the genocide.
A little girl sitting besides her sister.
A baby girl.
A group of young adults gather together to play sports.
A girl hugs her little sister during a trip to Lake Kivu with the Sevota Association
A woman from the Sevota Association enjoys a day at Lake Kivu with other women and children. These trips provide a positive, supportive environment within which the women and children can interact and relax.
A few women sing and enjoy an afternoon at Lake Kivu together.
A group of women and children from the Sevota Association form a circle together during a trip to Lake Kivu as part of an effort to support healing sponsored by Sevota for the women and children they counsel.
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