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Visions of Rwanda Photo Project

Alphonsine Uwamariya

Photo by Linda Smith

Alphonsine Uwamariya was raped and infected with HIV/AIDS during the 1994 genocide. She has two children. Her parents were killed in the genocide. Alphonsine’s photographs convey her journey to find healing and hope. She photographs detainees, children, soldiers and survivors of the genocide.

Alphonsine Uwamariya
A photograph of St. Famille church in Kigali. Many people were killed in this church during the genocide.
A woman feeds the birds. She is a genocide survivor who was raped. The genocide left her with many scars, both physical and emotional.
A genocide survivor who was a victim of rape stands in front of a house.
Alphonsine stands next to a detainee*. She obtained special permission from the government to photograph detainees. Alphonsine wanted to tell others of her experience in the genocide and she felt that photographing the detainees would help to do so.
A detainee cuts the grass with a machete. This photograph is a strong reminder of the genocide for Alphonsine.  Machetes were used to kill people during the genocide but are also a common and necessary household tool.
Some boys play with toy guns. They are pretending that they are soldiers.
A close-up shot of Alphonsine getting her hair styled at a beauty salon.
A counselling center for women living with HIV.
A counselling clinic for women living with HIV or who have been raped or traumatized.
A counselling center for women living with AIDS.
A photograph of a woman who was raped in the 1994 genocide and who is now living with HIV
Alphonsine takes a portrait of a close friend.
During and after the genocide, dogs scavenged the remains of people who were killed. Subsequently, many dogs in Rwanda were put down but recently they have been returning back into Rwandan life.
A soldier stands besides his son while monitoring the detainees working. Inmates in Rwanda must wear pink uniforms.
Alphonsine photographs prisoners cutting down grass. Many prisoners are forced to help rebuild homes, plant crops and perform other works for the community.
A photograph of a little baby.
A photograph of a little boy.
A boy playing with a toy gun.
A small tree is being planted. The Rwandan Government has supported the planting of trees in an effort to protect the environment.
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