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Kwibuka 20 – Memory, Unity and Renewal After the Genocide

Kwibuka 20 – Memory, Unity and Renewal After the Genocide intro image

Where:United Nations Headquarters, Visitor Centre

Date:16 April 2014 - 6 June 2014

Press Release

This exhibition marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide. It recounts the genocide and Rwanda’s remarkable journey to heal and rebuild after its most horrific year – 1994. The exhibition focuses on individuals – victims who survived, but also aid workers and other international personnel, such as military and journalists. Their testimonies describe what they saw, what they did, and how they reacted. It is remarkable that they all stayed to help at great personal peril. Even more remarkable is the fact that survivors and perpetrators have managed to come together, talk about the past, and, slowly rebuild their lives in a pacified country.

This exhibit is organized by Kwibuka, the Government of Rwanda, the Kigali Memorial Centre, and Aegis Trust.  Endorsed by the Permanent Mission of Rwanda to the United Nations.

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