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"800,000": Acknowledge, Remember, Renew

By William Snyder III
16-27 June 2014 - United Nations Headquarters

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800,000 are the pages in 2500 books displayed in 100 crates: one page for each victim, one crate for each day of the genocide. The books were hand-bound through the collaboration of the "800,000" team, six high schools, and three groups of volunteers. Each victim is acknowledged through a hand print on one of the 800,000 pages. The project asks to acknowledge each life lost, remember the victims, and renew hope and support.

Will Snyder is a native of Pennsylvania, USA. He holds an MFA in Printmaking from Penn State. He has skill in a variety of media, materials, and subjects and he is an advocate for the arts in the State College area in Central Pennsylvania.

Exhibit 800.000


Exhibit 800


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