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About the Programme

Educational Outreach

The Outreach Programme on the Rwanda Genocide and the United Nations is an information and educational outreach programme run by the United Nations Department of Public Information.

The programme was established by the General Assembly on 23 December 2005 (A/RES/60/225) to "mobilize civil society for Rwanda genocide victim remembrance and education in order to help prevent future acts of genocide". The programme's mandate was extended in December 2007 (A/RES/62/96), 2009 (A/RES/64/226), 2011 (A/RES/66/228), and 2013 (A/RES/68/129).

Areas of Focus

By providing information materials which educate on the lessons of the Rwanda genocide, the outreach programme focuses on two main themes:

The UN is implementing the programme in Africa and other regions of the world. It includes events such as roundtable discussions, film screenings, exhibitions and debates. The programme also provides print and audio-visual materials to partners wishing to undertake events in support of the objectives of the programme.


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