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Office of The Special Adviser on The Prevention of Genocide

Work of the Office

Training Programme

Regional training seminar for civil society  in Budva,

Regional training seminar for civil society in Budva,
Montenegro, from 10-11 October 2012
UN Photo / Mallory Mroz

Since 2009, the Office has been organizing training for UN staff, government officials and civil society in order to assist in developing capacity to analyze and manage information on genocide. war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, in particular within the United Nations system. This work is carried out in line with the Office’s mandate and as part of its broader efforts to raise awareness about the causes and dynamics of genocide and other atrocity crimes and to mainstream their prevention. The training program aims to facilitate and stimulate discussion on effective and practical means and ways in which participants possessing different roles, skills and experience could contribute to prevention of genocide and related atrocities in the region in which they are working. The Office also collaborates with other training institutions to organize workshops and seminars for government officials and civil society.

The seminars focus on key aspects of preventing and responding to genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity at the international, regional and domestic levels. They cover aspects of the principles of the Responsibility to Protect; the function and methodology of the United Nations early-warning mechanism for genocide prevention; the process of genocide from a socio-historical and human rights perspective, and genocide as an extreme form of identity-related conflict, the prevention of which calls for constructive management of diversity.

If your organization is interested in participating in the Office’s training activities, please contact us at osapg@un.org.

Key training seminars conducted by the Office to date include: