United Nations

UN Police

UN Police Division Minimum Recruitment Requirements


  • 25-62 years;
  • Preference under 55 years.

Number of years of professional experience

  • Five (5) years excluding training;
  • Retired personnel can be deployed if retired within the past 5 years.

Language proficiency

  • Mandatory language test (reading, listening, report writing and oral interview);
  • Language of Operation, French and English;
  • Passing score 60 % or above.

Driving skills proficiency

  • One (1) year of recent driving experience;
  • In possession of a valid national driving license for at least one year;
  • Two mandatory driving tests one by Selection and Assistance Team and one in the respective peacekeeping mission where deployed.

Use of firearms proficiency

  • Mandatory firearms test.

Computer skills

  • Basic computer knowledge

Desirable complementary skills

  • Previous experience in a UN mission;
  • Proficiency in map reading, land navigation, use of global positioning systems;
  • Knowledge of basic negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution;
  • Interviewing techniques;
  • Basic first aid.

Personal Qualities

  • Good judgment, supported by a common-sense approach to problem-solving;
  • Objective attitude, displaying tact and impartiality;
  • Polite demeanour, combined with a firm but flexible and honest approach;
  • Considerable self-discipline and patience;
  • A friendly, open approach to other nationalities;
  • Demonstrable leadership skills.