United Nations

UN Police

UN Police Division Obligations

UN Police Officers must:

  • Perform their duties solely in the interests of the UN, acting so as to recognize the needs and interests of the host country and its people, and acting with strict impartiality, integrity, independence and tact;
  • Respect the laws of the host country in so far as they do not conflict with internationally recognized human rights standards, UN rules and regulations and other relevant procedures;
  • Not abuse or exploit individual members of the local population, in particular women and children. The United Nations has zero tolerance for any types of sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • Neither solicit nor accept any material reward, honour or gift from any source other than the UN;
  • Treat UN property with care and not trade, sell or use such property for personal benefit;
  • Exercise utmost discretion in all matters of official business and not communicate to an unauthorized person any information known to them by reason of their official position nor at any time use such information to their private advantage;
  • Not accept instructions from sources external to the UN;
  • Show courtesy and respect to all other UN mission personnel; and
  • Observe internationally recognized human rights standards and not discriminate against any person on any grounds.