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The UN International Network of Female Police Peacekeepers aims to serve the professional needs and connect current and former female UN Police peacekeepers.

A group of UN Policewomen standing in front of a wall with posters.

United Nations Police peacekeepers participate at the 47th annual conference of the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) 2009 in Seattle, USA. Photo Kristina Kolerich.

Be a part of a growing network of police and other law enforcement professionals from around the world. Help increase the representation of female police in peace operations across all ranks. Bring female police in the forefront and leadership roles of restoring law and order in the most troubled spots of the world.

Membership is free.

Four types of membership and criteria

Active members

  • Currently serving female police officers in UN peace operations (automatic membership upon the date of the start of deployment)
  • Former female police peacekeepers

Civilian members

  • Female civilian staff currently occupying or have formerly occupied a position in the UN headquarters or UN peace operations and whose profession is supportive of policing in peace operations.

Honorary members

  • Officials and persons of distinction whose vocations and interests are supportive to female police officers in peace operations.


  • Female police officers who want to join a UN peace operation

Active and civilian members enjoy the benefits of full access to organized activities, a mentoring programme and the UN Police Community of Practice.

Observers have a limited access to the above.

How to become a member  

Please complete all the fields on the membership application form, save it as a PDF and e-mail it to the UN Police as an attachment.


  • Networking with over 1,000 female police peacekeepers from around the world currently deployed in peace operations providing opportunity to both acquire and share information.
  • Access the UN Police Community of Practice to join on-line forums and share best practices, training materials and various documents.
  • Take part in personal development and professional police and peace related training opportunities.
  • Participate in the mentoring programme within and across UN peace operations. Become a mentor and share your expertise and help peers become effective leaders.
  • Acquire recognition through the competitive Female Police Peacekeeper Award that is delivered annually at the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) conference.
  • Gain mutual support among female police peacekeepers deployed in the challenging environment of post-conflict areas.
  • Be a recognized advocate in your home country and in UN peace operations for the increased participation of female police to UN peace operations and have the chance to be featured on the Member spotlight page of the
    UN Police website and in other public information materials.