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«INTERPOL can provide deployed UN Police peacekeepers with access to the world's only secure global police communications system; global databases including names of criminals, fingerprints, DNA profiles, stolen passports and stolen vehicles; and specialized investigative support in key crime areas... These make INTERPOL an essential partner for police peacekeepers.»

Ronald K. Noble
Secretary General of INTERPOL

International Police Peacekeeping

In 1997, the United Nations and INTERPOL began formal cooperation and in 2002 a memorandum of understanding between the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and INTERPOL was signed. In 2009, at a Ministerial Meeting on the eve of the 78th General Assembly of INTERPOL the United Nations and INTERPOL formally signed a supplementary agreement strengthening the practical cooperation between the two organizations. This agreement outlined how efforts undertaken by United Nations Police and national police services to investigate transnational crime can be supported and assisted by INTERPOL.

UN - Interpol agreement

United Nations, 20 October 2009

Ann-Marie Orler, Acting UN Police Adviser, and Ata Yenigun, Chief, Mission Management and Support Section of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations Police Division briefed on the UN - Interpol agreement that was singed in Singapore.

They also talked about a recent ministerial meeting co-chaired by the UN and Interpol which resulted in a Declaration strongly supporting the UN Police Division and DPKO. They provided an update on the UN's efforts to recruit more police, especially female police officers.

"Policing matters more than ever before"

United Nations, 23 March 2009

At the opening of the INTERPOL-DPKO Conference on International Policing in Building Peace, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, highlighted the rapid and continuing need for more police in UN peacekeeping. Ban gave statistics saying that in 1999 there were 2400, and in 2009 10629 police officers working in peacekeeping operations. He stressed the need for specialists police officers, and encouraged Member States to contribute police officers and in particular female police officers.

Alongside the development of a doctrine for international police peacekeeping, the United Nations' Member States have begun to draft an Action Plan on measures that can help to implement this doctrine. The process of developing an Action Plan was initiated at the UN-INTERPOL Ministerial Meeting. The Action Plan will be presented at the INTERPOL General Assembly in 2010.