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In its resolution 1145 (1997) of 19 December 1997, the Security Council decided to establish, with effect from 16 January 1998, a support group of 180 civilian police monitors, to continue to monitor the performance of the Croatian police in the Danube region, in particular in connection with the return of displaced persons, in accordance with the recommendations contained in paragraphs 38 and 39 of the Secretary General's report to the Council of 4 December 1997 and in response to a request of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The headquarters of the Support Group is in Vkorar and it operates under the overall responsibility of a small unit based in Zagreb.

The functions performed by the civilian police include monitoring local police operations at all levels; patrolling, including joint mobile patrols; participating in and following up case investigations by local police until such cases are transmitted to a court or public prosecutor; human rights monitoring; and providing guidance and limited training to the local police force. The Mission terminated in October 1998.

The ribbon : the white background represents Peace and a new beginning. In the center, a broad UN Blue band, representing the UN colors and also the Danube river which allows for the fertility of the Region.

Center to left, a narrow yellow band represents the Sunflowers, so native to this land. Centered to the right a narrow dark gray band represents stone and mortar, used not only in the rebuilding of houses in this region, but in the rebuilding of the Nation.

Qualifying time for the medal is 90 days of service in the Mission.

Personnel contributors are: Argentina, Austria, Denmark, Egypt, Fiji, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Lithuania, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine and the United States.

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Last updated: 07 March 2001

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