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UNOMUR was established on 22 June 1993 by Security Council Resolution 846 (1993) to monitor the Uganda/Rwanda border and to verify that no military assistance reached Rwanda. The focus was placed primarily on transit by transport of lethal weapons and ammunition across the border, as well as any other material which could be of military use. Upon completion of the task, the Mission was terminated in October 1994.

The colour combination of the ribbon for the medal and bars consists of a central wide band of UN blue flanked by two narrow stripes of white representing the Peace, and three stripes of black, gold and red, representing the Ugandan flag. A qualifying time of 180 days is required for the award.

The countries of Bangladesh, Botswana, Brazil, Hungary, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Senegal, the Slovak Republic and Zimbabwe provided military observers to this Mission.

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(Effective 16 June 1997)