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UNMOT was established on 16 December 1994 by Security Council Resolution 968 (1994) to monitor the implementation of the agreement on a Temporary Cease-fire and the Cessation of Other Hostile Acts on the Tajik-Afghan border and within the Country. Following the signing of the parties of the 1997 general peace agreement, UNMOT's mandate was expanded to help monitor its implementation. The Mission successfully accomplished the assigned tasks and in May 2000 its mandate was terminated.

A medal was established in December 1995 and the ribbon contains a central green stripe, flanked by two white stripes and, at either end, by United Nations blue. The green and white represent the flora and the snow-peaked mountains of Tajikistan. Qualifying time for the award of the medal is 90 days of service in the Mission.

The countries of Austria, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ghana, Hungary, Indonesia, Jordan, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and Uruguay provide military observers to this Mission.

Prepared by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations
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Last updated: 07 March 2001

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