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Established in June 1974 to supervise the cease-fire between Israel and Syria; to supervise the disengagement (redeployment) of Syrian and Israeli forces; and, to establish a buffer zone, as provided in the Agreement on Disengagement between Israeli and Syrian Forces of 31 May 1974. The Mission continues to perform its functions effectively with the cooperation of the parties. The ribbon contains a central stripe of UN blue with a red line down the middle representing the UN patrolled Area of Separation; two narrow stripes of black, representing the volcanic rock of the Golan region appear on either side with two narrow bands of white, symbolic of the snow on Mt. Hermon, outside these. At either end are wide bands of burgundy, symbolizing the purple haze at sunset and the native thistles of the Golan. Ninety days service is the qualifying time for award of the medal.

The following countries provide troops to this Mission: Austria, Canada, Finland, Iran, Japan, Peru, Poland and the Slovak Republic. Those Military Observers from Poland assigned to UNDOF as parent mission, then detached for service in UNGOMAP, are also eligible, after 90 days of service, for the UNDOF medal with a clasp indicating service with UNGOMAP.

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(Effective 16 June 1997)