Contingent Owned Equipment

Equipping the Frontlines of Peacekeeping Missions around the World

Currently, over 100 United Nations member states contribute more than 80,000 military personnel in formed units and approximately 14,000 individual and formed unit police to serve in 16 peacekeeping missions around the world. Troops and police units arrive in the mission area with their own equipment and self sustainment capabilities, ready to operate in challenging conditions.


General Assembly Resolution 50/222

Contingent personel demonstrates use of mine detection equipment

In 1996, the General Assembly authorized the implementation of new procedures for determining reimbursement to Member States for their contributions to peacekeeping missions [A/RES/20/222]. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United Nations and the troop or police contributing country is established for every formed military or police unit deployed to a Peacekeeping Mission. The MOU details the major equipment, self sustainment services, and personnel which the contributing country is asked to deploy, and for which it is entitled to be financially reimbursed. Currently there are over 300 MOU covering deployed formed units. MOU represent approximately $3 billion in equipment, services, and troop costs annually.  This is out of a total budget for UN Peacekeeping Operations of $8 billion.

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